M25 Widening (Skanska Balfour Beatty JV)

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Trenchless world Feature on our m25 Auger boring Project

Case study M25 Widening scheme Junctions 16-23

Laser Guided Auger Boring

An Environmental Technique of Pipe Installation.

ATL were awarded a contract to install cross carriageway drainage as part of the above works, the initial number of crossings amounted to 16. However, the client Skanska- Balfour Beatty very quickly understood the benefits of trenchless technology and ATL finally constructed an incredible 150 crossings an unbelievable 1.49 miles of augerboring!



Adopting trenchless technology on the scheme saved vast quantities of materials and did not require huge earth movements to be carried out.

Using traditional open cut method of pipe installation has a very negative impact on the environment.

On this scheme alone ATL have saved the client the procurement of materials amounting to 3450M3 of pipe bedding (7,600 tons) , 11630M3 of Type1 fill ( 26,000 tons ),   saved muck away lorry movements of 7813M3 ( 173,000 tons )  which equates to 9611 Loads, and 660M2 of Tarmac.



During the contract ATL helped reduce clients costs even further by introducing a whole new technique of augerboring  which we called ‘BLIND’ , thus only access to the drive pit was required, these proved   very successful and a huge benefit to the scheme.



ATL’s work on this scheme has been very successful and we have delivered one of the largest single augerboring contracts ever awarded to both budget and program.


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