Alcester Flood Defence Makes the difference


 The floods throughout the country has a massive effect on Residents, Businesses and everyday lives.  Alcester Flood defence makes the difference for the town of Alcester.

New flood defences in Alcester were brought into full operation during the heavy storms that saw considerable concerns from residents flooded in previous years.

Councillor Mike Gittus who has been involved with the defence issues for several years, said: “I am relieved the new defence system for tackling flood issues in the town worked as well as they were designed to.

“I was always keen to see them put to the test but hadn't expected for them to be thrown into the deep end.” 

The floods of 2007 had a devastating effect on the town and residents around Alcestor, leaving homes uninsurable. Over 200 homes were left uninhabitable and businesses were hit hard, the estimate of the costs caused by the floods of 2007 were £3.2 billion  Active Tunnelling pushed hard to ensure the project was completed in March before the first stormy weather came in April which proved very beneficial, over the last couple of weeks flooding has been the hot topic in the papers and on the news, This particular project proves that this is all it takes to protect areas that are vulnerable to flood issues.



Above: Pictures of the flood effects in July 2007 in Alcester Town

This was a most needed project and the town of Alcester should be able to enjoy a well deserved Christmas this year

Congratulations to the champion of flood defence Councillor  Mike Gittus for his commitment to the community, he has worked on the defence issues for several years,endured three years of planning, fundraising and lobbying to various groups. His positive attitude throughout the works were remarkable, We all worked together and the achievement speaks for itself.  Thank you to all the residents and businesses for your kindness throughout the project it certainly makes working with communities like Alcester a pleasure.

We hope you can now plan whatever the weather

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